OIDP Annual Report Data

The following data reflects participation in IPE programming from Summer 2022-Spring 2023.

De-identified results are maintained in aggregate by the Office of Interdisciplinary Programs (“The IPE Office”) and used for campus-wide program evaluation.  Aggregate data can be returned to IPE activity facilitators, program directors, and academic deans following an approved data-request process. To receive additional data sets, please complete this request form.


JTOG is copyrighted material. OUHSC is under contract to use JTOG and agreed to specific terms of use. The University’s contractual obligations require: data must be collected through an IPE REDCap link obtained from IPE staff; collect data immediately after the activity and before the debrief; all TEAM members must complete the JTOG. This includes student, patients, support person, faculty (observers or facilitators) (see definition of team above); all usage of the current copyrighted JTOG instrument by personnel at OUHSC must meet these contractual obligations. The study is governed by IRB#13793: IPE Program Evaluation.

How should I cite these reports?

Sharif-Sandel, R., Tabak, K., Gowin, M., Robinson, M., & Seely, S. (2023). Annual Evaluation Report 2023. OUHSC Office of Interdisciplinary Programs. https://ipe.ouhsc.edu/