IPE Simulations

As part of our two-year interdisciplinary/interprofessional curriculum, the intention is for all learners to have a hands-on team experience to apply and practice the IPEC Competencies. A menu of options is in continuous development to address the many unique areas of expertise, or 'cylinders of excellence' among our learners.  

Although learning objectives will be the same, all students will not participate in the same exact simulation.  Learners are encouraged to contact their program directors for additional details. 

The hybrid training program will provide collaborative, interdisciplinary coursework via web-based and onsite didactic course material, simulation exercises, reflection activities, and assignments to improve the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of students from multiple health disciplines in delivery of Community Centered Care. In these educational activities, learners will engage in interactive learning with other health profession students and community partners. 

For any questions about simulation, please email IPE-Sim@ouhsc.edu.

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2SLGBTQ+ Simulation

SP24 enrollment is now open. Click here to view all options.

We believe in the importance of learning about, from, and with each other. The 2SLGBTQ+ Simulation presents students and community members with a unique educational opportunity in the form of a virtual simulated outpatient experience. All standardized patients (or actors) in this simulation have lived experience as members of the 2SLGBTQ+ community and are dedicated to helping our future health professionals create a safe and welcoming environment. You will get the opportunity to practice patient interactions with an interdisciplinary team and will receive useful feedback from people with lived experience on how to create a safe outpatient environment. 

Breaking Bad News

Breaking Bad News Simulation 

SP24 enrollment is now open. Please email IPE-Sim@ouhsc.edu to sign up.

Difficult situations and difficult conversations, require certain patient/family-centered communication techniques.  This simulation will allow learners a chance to practice team communication skills while exploring scenarios unique to delivery bad news following a health crisis. 

The goal of this project is to help students engage in difficult conversations with patients in a team setting to prepare health professions students to be collaborative and patient-centered when delivering team-based care to the community.

Intended Project Outcomes:

  • Increase in the number of health profession learners working in teams to deliver difficult news to clients/patients in a patient-centered manner.
  • Prepare learners to engage in difficult conversations with clients/patients.


Poverty Simulation

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In this immersive experience, participants will gain a profound understanding of the challenges faced by individuals living in poverty. Through role-playing scenarios and interactive exercises, health care professionals from diverse disciplines will witness the complex interplay of social determinants of health, economic constraints, and limited access to resources. This simulation aims to foster empathy, compassion, and critical thinking, enabling participants to better comprehend the barriers preventing underserved populations from accessing quality health care. 


Self-Advocate as Medical Educator / Family-Advocate as Medical Educator (SAME/FAME) 

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Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and their caregivers and families, require unique communication techniques that are patient-centered.  This innovative team-based simulation allows learners to be taught directly by individuals (self-advocates) or family members (family-advocates) in a safe environment regarding proper team-based communication. 

Social Determinants of Health: Health Literacy (SDOH)

Social Determinants of Health: Health Literacy (SDOH)

SP24 enrollment is now open. Click here to view all options.

Join our virtual simulation event: Social Determinants of Health & Patient Education. Explore the factors impacting health outcomes and learn about patient education at discharge. Enhance your understanding of increasing patient health equity and gain skills to teach patients skills to manage their own post-hospitalization care. 

Weight Bias

Weight Simulation

SP24 enrollment is now open. Click here to view all options.

Experience the groundbreaking Weight Bias Simulation where you will gain invaluable insights into the challenges faced by individuals of various weights. Step into the shoes of patients, understand the impact of weight bias, and foster empathy to provide non-judgmental, patient-centered care for stronger doctor-patient relationships, and a welcoming health care environment. 

Unity Clinic Leadership

Unity Clinic Leadership Simulations 

Dates TBD

Reserved for Unity Clinic Executive Council and our Faculty/Staff preceptors, this simulation will allow our team leaders a chance to orient to the clinic for the semester.

Administrative Leadership

Administrative Leadership Simulation 

Coming April 2024

Championed by the College of Nursing, this virtual simulation prepares learners for unique scenarios of administrative leadership.  Past scenarios have included a measles outbreak and a covid exposure.

Mental Health

Mental Health Simulations 

Dates TBD

In partnership with College of Nursing and School of Social Work, these simulations will provide learners an opportunity to practice patient communication skills with other health professionals.  Case scenarios vary and simulated activities are delivered using zoom.  Team-based debrief is included.