IPE Simulations

As part of our two-year interdisciplinary/interprofessional curriculum, the intention is for all learners to have a hands-on team experience to apply and practice the IPEC Competencies. A menu of options is being developed to address the many unique areas of expertise, or 'cylinders of excellence' among our learners.  

Although learning objectives will be the same, all students will not participate in the same exact simulation.  Learners are encouraged to contact their program directors for additional details. 

2S-LGBTQ+ Community-Informed Team-Based Simulation

Description: This hybrid training program will provide collaborative, interdisciplinary coursework via web-based and onsite didactic course material, simulation exercises, reflection activities, and assignments to improve the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of students from multiple health disciplines in delivery of Community Centered Care. In this course, learners will engage in interactive learning with other health profession students and community partners. This course is intended to be completed after Diversity Ally training is completed, and before participation in interprofessional clinical activities.

Proposed Goal: The goal of this project is to engage the 2S-LGBTQ+ community as active team members in course design, content delivery, and active reflection to prepare health professions students to be collaborative and patient-centered when delivering team-based care to the community.

Advisory Board: A collaboration of community representatives, subject-matter experts, interested allies, students, support agencies, practitioners, educators, and administrators.

Intended Project Outcomes:
1. Increase in the number of health professions learners receiving content related to 2S-LGBTQ+ clients/patients

2. Prepare learners to engage with clients/patients from the 2S-LGBTQ+ community

We are currently engaged in course planning, but new members are always welcome. Please email sarah-cable@ouhsc.edu for information about joining the board. 

Ongoing 21-22 Simulations

  • Virtual Trauma Simulation (July 16)
  • 2S-LGBTQ+ Community Informed Simulation (Pilot July 16)
  • Unity Clinic Simulations (September 2, January 27)
  • Mental Health Simulations (Fall)
  • Delivering Bad News Simulation (Bi-weekly)
  • Telehealth Simulation (Bi-weekly)
  • Self-Advocate as Medical Educator / Family-Advocate as Medical Educator (SAME/FAME) (Monthly)
  • Leadership Simulation (Spring 2022)

Contact Us

Kylie Pethoud, MSW

IPE Simulation Coordinator