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Guidance on Data Access, Presentations, and Publications

Guidance Document - 2023 Update

In Spring 2019, the IEPA Research Committee finalized their "Guidance on Data Access, Presentation & Publication Related to IEPA Programming and Research."  An updated version of the guidance document was released end of 2023.

This document is intended to:

  • Encourage Interprofessional Educators and Practitioners Association (IEPA) Associates to routinely seek academic publication and presentation opportunities related to their involvement in interprofessional education (IPE) programming
  • Support expectations for interprofessional collaborative publication which outline individual member responsibility and accountability
  • Facilitate collaboration and encourage participation of an interprofessional team in all appropriate opportunities
  • Establish uniform procedures which facilitate submissions while minimizing overlap and ensuring dissemination of findings to appropriate audiences
  • Coordinate reporting of IPE-related publications/presentations for inclusion in IEPA reports, including listing on the IEPA website

Data Requests

  • De-identified results are maintained in aggregate by the Office of Interdisciplinary Programs (“The IPE Office”) and used for campus-wide program evaluation.  Aggregate data can be returned to IPE activity facilitators, program directors, and academic deans following an approved data-request process. To receive additional data sets, please complete this request form.

IPE Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Toolkit

CoverThe Interprofessional Educators & Practitioners Association (IEPA) and the Office of Interdisciplinary Programs (OIDP) has prepared this toolkit to assist the OUHSC campus community in promoting scholarly productivity around interprofessional collaboration. 

Click here to download the IPE SOTL Toolkit

Scholarly Works

Below is a working list gathering reports from our faculty and staff regarding their publications and presentations related to our interdisciplinary and interprofessional activities.