Evaluation and JTOG

Program Evaluation

The Office of Interdisciplinary Programs is tasked with the development, implementation, and evaluation of campus-wide interprofessional education activities. 

A key component of this work is ensuring that what we do is meaningful, impactful, and meets the needs of our participants. This ensures we're meeting the needs of the University of Oklahoma Strategic Plan and the OUHSC Academic Strategic Plan.

Logic Model

The "Logic Model" outlines the structure of our work.  This is a living document, meaning it is routinely reviewed and updated. We are committed to progress and improvement and welcome suggestions.

Evaluation Plan

Our 2022-23 Evaluation Plan is our guiding, working document that directs the content to be collected, processed, analyzed, and reported to our campus constituents. 

Annual Report

Each year our program will publish and "Annual Report" detailing the outcomes of our programming. The 2021-2022 Annual Report is now available. 

Introducing JTOG for Interdisciplinary Activity Evaluation

Beginning fall 2021, the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center will implement the JTOG tool as part of enterprise-wide interdisciplinary and interprofessional program evaluation.  Results will be used for program improvement and to report on strategic planning metrics. The current edition of the facilitator guide to JTOG can be downloaded here.

What does JTOG mean? Pronounced: J-tog, it is the acronym for the Jefferson Team Observation Guide.

What is JTOG? JTOG is an evaluation tool to review interprofessional behaviors.

Who completes JTOG? Any participant (learner or facilitator) who participates in a team-based interprofessional activity.

When is JTOG completed? Immediately following the IPE activity, before the team debrief begins.

What is the process for using JTOG?

  • Participant is enrolled in an IPE Activity (assigned or volunteer)
  • The Office of Interdisciplinary Programs enters participant's information into Redcap
  • Participant attends the IPE Activity
  • System automatically sends participant a link to the Redcap survey
  • Participant completes Redcap survey upon completion of IPE Activity
  • Participants debrief with their team about the IPE Activity
  • Redcap results are gathered by the Office of Interdisciplinary Programs in aggregate

JTOG Results

De-identified results are maintained in aggregate by the Office of Interdisciplinary Programs (“The IPE Office”) and used for campus-wide program evaluation.  Aggregate data can be returned to IPE activity facilitators, program directors, and academic deans following an approved data-request process.

Where is JTOG housed?

JTOG is a proprietary, fee-based tool.  The Office of Interdisciplinary Programs maintains the contract to use the JTOG tool.  Others wishing to use JTOG should contact margaret-robinson@ouhsc.edu for permission to use the tool subsequent data collection.  The JTOG tool is administered using the Redcap survey platform that is operated by Oklahoma Shared Clinical and Translational Resources (OSCTR) which is funded by grant U54GM104938 from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences as part of the National Institutes of Health. No charge will be assessed to collaborators using the JTOG tool.  However, all data and maintenance of the instrument is retained by the IPE Office.