Unity Week Student-led Poster Hall

April is recognized as Interprofessional Education month across the nation. As a method to observe this, the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center participates in Unity Week. During this week we highlight and celebrate our IPE activities and programs across campus.  

Undergraduate students, graduate students, professional students, and residents are invited to participate in the Unity Week Poster Hall organized by the Interdisciplinary Student Council. This is an exciting opportunity for students and residents to showcase their research. Whether you are a student, a researcher, or a professional from any field, you are welcome to participate in this event. 

To enter the mock poster hall, you will need to bring a research poster that highlights your work. Your poster should include an introduction to your research topic, a clear and concise explanation of your methods and findings, and a conclusion that summarizes the implications of your research. Make sure to use graphics and images to make your poster visually appealing and easy to understand. This can be a poster you have submitted to a previous or future conference.

Participating in the Unity Week Poster Hall is an opportunity to showcase your work, practice presenting research, receive feedback and questions, as well as promote unity and understanding across diverse health care fields of study. We look forward to seeing your posters and learning from your research!

Poster Hall Format

  • The poster hall will be held on Tuesday, April 23rd in Nicholson Tower, 5:30-6:30pm.
  • On the day of the poster hall, all accepted posters will be viewable on the IPE website in a PDF format as well as in-person in Nicholson Tower.
    • Posters can still be accepted if presenters are unable to attend the in-person event.
  • All posters will be tied to feedback forms to receive both commendations and recommendations from attendees.
  • Faculty judges from the Interprofessional Educators and Practitioners Association will be present to provide feedback and evaluate qualifying posters based on criteria such as clarity, organization, creativity, and impact. Awards will be given to top posters.

To view digital versions of last year's posters, click here.

2024 Student-led Posters

Click the poster to view a larger PDF version.

Single Center Clinical Experience with Hybrid Convergent Ablation and Impact on atrial fibrillation burden as determined by cardiac rhythm management devices

Mehak Ali, Mashal Tahirkheli, Arslan Ahmad, Qasim Manzoor Amjad, Hannah Hameed, Bireera Muzaffar, Sakina Batool, Sara Ahmed, Paul J. Garabelli, Hussnain Zafar, Zarrar Sani, Hunter Weitzel, Dr. Muhammad Baig, Sidra Ahmad, Alysha Siddiqi, Dr. Coty W. Jewell, Dr. Naeem K. Tahirkheli


Ashes to Ashes: Smoking's Impact on Thyroid Cancer

Warren Chun, Dr. Jan Bian, Pawan Acharya, Dr. Matthew Krutz, Dr. Lurdes Queimado


Does Coffee Affect the Validity of an Oral Abbreviated Fat Tolerance Test in Healthy Adults?

Destinee Elliott, Bryant Keirns, Christina Sciarrillo, Sam Emerson


The Dragonfly Pedicle: A Safe and Effective Technique for Reduction Mammaplasty

Collin Gonce, Dakota St. Pierre, Dr. Thomas Kerestes, Dr. Guilherme Barreiro


Crossing the Line: Investigating the Impact of Routine Crossed Pin Placement on Ulnar Nerve Injury in Supracondylar Humerus Fracture Fixation

Matthew Harter, Alex Sanders, Eric Johnson, McKenna Box, William Puffinbarger


Use of Metaphor as an Explanation Tool in ACEs Simulation Training

Summer Anwar, Dr. Monica Ha, Dr. Allyson Rowe, Katlynn Hendrix, Khup Mang, Dr. Frances Wen, Dr. Kim Coon, Dr. Julie Miller-Cribbs, Dr. Martina Jelley


Cavernous Parotid Hemangioma in an Adult Male​

Noah DeMoss, Dr. Greg Krempl, Dr. Theodore Klug


Ruptured vertebrobasilar junction aneurysm supplied by reversed flow from the anterior spinal artery: illustrative case report

Collin Gonce, Kiana Prather, Dr. Christopher Graffe


Albuterol in Bronchiolitis: Are Certain Patient Characteristics Associated with Improved Clinical Outcomes?

Kiki Greene, Dr. Claire Smith, Dr. Monique Naifeh, Christopher Aston


Oklahoma City Asian Health Fair: A Community Approach to Creating Accessible Health Services

Supriya Kohli, Mellisa Xie, Kiana Prather, BreAnna Le, Emily Tran, Dr. Teresa Truong, Dr. Joanne Skaggs


The Interprofessional Intervention Opportunities Tool: An Approach to Increase Knowledge of Roles in the Treatment of Diabetes

Christa Bellack, Dr. Lisa Milhan, Dr. Raina Leckie, Rahma Osman


Relationship between pretreatment anxiety/depression and functional outcomes in prostate cancer treatment

Elliott Druten, Will Hoover, Dr. Jacob Bardell, Haris Sharieff, Dustin Dang, Chase Gaddis, Dr. Jonathan Heinlen


Reverse Sural Artery Flap: Anatomic Study of Peroneal Perforators and Clinical Modifications for Coverage of Medial and Distal Foot Defects

Collin Gonece, Dakota St. Pierre, Arjun Nanda, Dr. Guilherme Barreiro


Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: What to Consider

Reece Harrel, Dr. Blayne Mayfield


Supraclavicular Fasciocutaneous Pedicle Flap Expanded and Supercharged with Paravertebral Dorsal Vessels for Treating Face and Neck Burn Scars and Contractions

Michael Li, Dr. Guilherme Barreiro, Rachel Jordan, Grayson Hostetler, Dr. Angel Farinas, Jonathan Fennell