Unity Week Poster Hall

April is recognized as Interprofessional Education month across the nation. As a method to observe this, the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center participates in Unity Week. During this week we highlight and celebrate our IPE activities and programs across campus.  

Undergraduate students, graduate students, professional students, and residents are invited to participate in the Unity Week Poster Hall organized by the Interdisciplinary Student Council. This is an exciting opportunity for students and residents to showcase their research. Whether you are a student, a researcher, or a professional from any field, you are welcome to participate in this event. 

Thank you to all who applied to present. 

Join us on Tuesday 4/25 from 6-7PM in the Bird Library Atrium for the Unity Week poster hall. We will have 22 student-led posters on display! 

Click on the posters below to view a PDF version.

An Evaluation of Reporting Guidelines and Clinical Trial Registry Requirements Among Otolaryngology Journals

Rachel Wenger, David Wenger, Christopher Hendrix, Arjun Reddy, Dr. Matt Vassar

Wenger Unity Week 23

Comparing Health Outcomes of Traditional and Continuous ACEs Scales

Madi Bickle, Lana Mnajjed, Sydney Wyatt, Anna Shadid, Dang Nguyen, Ayah Saleh, David Barkyoumb, Stephen Klaassen, Dr. Sarah Beth Bell

Bickle Unity Week 23

From Hearts to Handwriting: Students Engage in Interprofessional Service Learning

Savannah Cloar, Laura Phan, Molly Berg, Dr. Lisa Milhan

Cloar Unity Week 23

Interprofessional Student Delivered Diabetes Education for Low-Income and Uninsured Spanish-Speaking Patients

Kacy Aderhold, Dr. Kim Allen, Margaret Robinson, Rahma Osman

Aderhold Unity Week 23

Metronome Use to Improve CPR Outcomes

Lizbeth Johnson, Ashton McGuire, Sara Reedy, Anita Thorpe, Badia Tiger, Hannah Heavener

Johnson Unity Week 23

Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Self-Reported Post Partum Depression in Women Undergoing Fertility Treatment in the US

Dr. Pardis Hosseinzadeh, Osariemen Omoregie, Angela Xing, Christen Jarshaw, Dr. Ashley Kim, Dr. LaTasha B. Craig, Dr. Jennifer D. Peck

Hosseinzadeh Unity Week 23

The effect of estrogen signaling modulation on female-specific microglial heterogeneity in the mouse hippocampus

Sunghwan Ko, Jose Isola, Kevin Pham, Felix Ampadu, Willard Freeman, Michael Stout, Sarah Ocañas

Ko Unity Week 23

Adverse Childhood Experiences and Outcomes on Adults Living in Rural Areas

Shannon Ashworth, Lauren Taylor, Dr. Sarah Beth Bell

Ashworth Unity Week 23

Effect of 5-Alpha Reductase Inhibitors on Post-Ablation Therapy PSA

Meagan Hanson, Danielle Digoy, Dr. Alexandria Childs, Dr. Michael Cookson, Dr. Kelly Stratton

Hanson Unity Week 23

Hippocampal Microglial Senescence and its Contribution to Sexually Divergent Neurodegeneration

Jillian Cox, Kevin Pham, Alex Keck, Sunghwan Ko, Felix Ampadu, Hunter Porter, Victor Ansere, Adam Kulpa, Collyn Kellogg, Adeline Machalinski, Ana Chucair-Elliot, Willard Freeman, Sarah Ocañas

Cox Unity Week 23

Large Comprehensive Incidence and Risk Factors Meta-analysis of Dysphagia in over 113,000 Anterior, Posterior, and Hybrid Surgeries for Cervical Spondylosis Myelopathy

Esmaeil Mohammadi, Ali Fahim Khan, Lance Villeneuve, Sanaa Hamid, Grace Haynes, Fauziyya Muhammad, Zachary A. Smith

Mohammadi Unity Week 23

OHet72 and Current Tuberculosis Treatments: Identifying Synergy

Margaret Bourlon, Dr. Lucila Garcia-Contreras

Bourlon Unity Week 23

Reproductive Health Symposium: A Student-directed Approach to Interdisciplinary Reproductive Education

Lauren Oliver, Kayla Stromsodt, Abigail Campbell, Isha Jhingan, Supriya Kohli, Dr. Sarah Beth Bell, Dr. Alexandra Regens

Oliver Unity Week 23638179800996603156

The Forklift flap: a novel technique for face and neck resurfacing in severe skin infection

Dakota St. Pierre, Arjun Nanda, Dr. Abdel-Moneim Mohamed Ali, Dr. Guilherme Barreiro

StPierre Unity Week 23

CDK-dependent regulation of cohesion establishment

Brooke Rankin, Vanessa Moore, Damira Flavors, Jingrong Chen, Susannah Rankin

Rankin Unity Week Poster 2023

ESCO1’s Interaction with Chromatin

Jeffrey Schoen, Annelise Poss, Eulália Lima da Silva, Jingrong Chen, Erin Floyd, Susannah Rankin

Schoen Unity Week 23

Improving the Transition from Preclinical Coursework to Clinical Clerkships: A Student-Led Initiative

Kristina Gurian, Tram Le, Ryan Jones, Dr. LaTasha Craig

Gurian Unity Week 23

Lessons Learned on Effective Community Partnerships through COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics

Christa Bellack, Austin McCauley, Kathleen Doyle, Tate Atkinson, Stella Huynh, Rohan Hylton, Sergio Preciado

Bellack Unity Week 23

Optimization of Aerosol Administration of OHet72 Nanosuspensions for Tuberculosis Treatment

Alexa Beathard, Dr. Lucila Garcia-Contreras

Beathard Unity Week 23

Social Model Hospice Homes: Bridging the Gap in End-of-Life Care Delivery

Amy Kliewer, Dr. Helen Farrar, Kelley Scott, Dr. Jennifer Clark

Kliewer Unity Week 23

Tracheal Stenosis Uptick Resulting From Increased Intubation Number Due to Coronavirus 19 (COVID-19): A Retrospective Chart Review

Trey Gradnigo, Dr. Jose Sanclement, Dr. Dee Wu

Gradnigo Unity Week 23

Clinical Validation of a Smartphone-Compatible 6L Electrocardiogram Device in Ambulatory Patients

Karlie Sample, Rylee Barber, Seabrook Whyte, Dr. David E. Albert, Dr. Sunny S. Po, Dr. Stavros Stavrakis

Sample Unity Week 23

Evaluation in the Differences of Surgical Site Infection Rates in Robotically Assisted Radical Cystectomy with Intracorporeal Diversion vs. Open Radical Cystectomy

Carson Taber, Brennan Lee, E. Mackenzie Gibbs, Julie Perry, Robin Djang, Victoria Gonzalez, Erin Schone, Sanjay G. Patel

Taber Unity Week 23

Increasing Medical Student Exposure and Participation in Radiation Oncology Via an Interactive Open House

Jack Owen, Alexis Schutz, Christina Henson

Owen Unity Week 23

Limitations of two common resuscitation bags: a case study to address gaps in knowledge

Utty Steward, Dr. Sandra Hansen, Dr. Amir L Butt, Dr. Thomas Stevens, Dr. Alberto J de Armendi

Steward Unity Week 23

Process for Implementation of Nutrition Education Library at Student Lead Interprofessional Health Clinic

Catherine Oberpriller, Dr. Katie Eliot

Oberpriller Unity Week 23

Student Involvement in Interprofessional Education Programs Can Increase Awareness of OT's Role in Primary Care

Christa Bellack, Dr. Lisa Milhan, Raina Leckie, Rahma Osman

Milhan Unity Week 23