Interdisciplinary Student Council (ISC)

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Interdisciplinary Student Council

Our institution now proudly hosts the Interdisciplinary Student Council. 

This is an intentionally designed mechanism for student engagement with infrastructure to support student-led initiatives. The council has representatives from each college on campus, and additional representatives from each college and department serving on project teams.

The contact information for each college's representatives can be found here

Interdisciplinary Grand Rounds

The Interdisciplinary Grand Rounds are a monthly seminar discussion presenting content applicable to the Unity Clinic team-based treatment approach as developed and implemented by students with direction from faculty advisors and/or content experts.

  • September 2021: Introduction to ISC & Grand Rounds
  • October 2021: Vaccine Hesitancy
  • November 2021: Reproductive Health Symposium
  • January 2022: TBA
  • February 2022: TBA
  • March 2022: TBA
  • April 2022: TBA
  • June 2022: TBA
  • July 2022: TBA

Interdisciplinary Grand Rounds Recordings

  • September Interdisciplinary Grand Rounds
    An Introduction to the ISC and Interdisciplinary Grand Rounds
  • October Interdisciplinary Grand Rounds
    A Guide to the Vaccine Hesitancy Toolkit

HSC Student Government Association

In 2019, the campus created new SGA positions: Interdisciplinary Education Liaisons.

  • The first position in OUHSC SGA completely dedicated to promoting interdisciplinary education by collaborating with IEPA, opening the door for boundless cross-pollination of ideas and projects between these organizations.
  • This initiative was led by Danial Gebreili (College of Medicine student) and made possible by the leadership of IEPA Student-Faculty Committee, notably Co-Chair Lin Goldson, as well as Sarah Bramlett, Associate Director of the OUHSC Office of Student Affairs. Danial will be serving as one of two Interdisciplinary Education Liaisons on SGA Executive Board.
  • We will be paving the way for a cohesive partnership between these two organizations with the common goal of excellence in interdisciplinary collaboration.