Unity Series

2023-2024 Unity Series

The Office of Interdisciplinary Programs propose the below programming framework in collaboration with multiple campus projects/offices. The purpose of this proposal is to:

  • Provide continuity in programming and align campus-wide initiatives in goals and objectives
  • Reinforce learning with additional awareness, practice, and application methodology
  • Provide depth/breath to campus-wide initiatives throughout a learner’s campus experience
Intent is to fulfill programmatic interprofessional accreditation requirements while:
  • Providing meaningful team-based learning opportunities
  • Ensuring all graduates have unique and distinctive preparation
  • Engaging students and communities as team-members in curriculum development and delivery
  • Striving to positively affect health team outcomes through collaborative team preparation  

Interdisciplinary Grand Rounds

Interdisciplinary Grand Rounds

Proposal from Interdisciplinary Student Council, collaboration sought

Focus:  IPE Collaboration, Spaces/Disciplines on campus

The Interdisciplinary Grand Rounds are a monthly seminar discussion to review a current topic that affects the campus community and to provide skills, resources, or education related to that topic as developed and implemented by students with direction from faculty advisors and/or content experts.

Previous topics included: 

All Professions Day (APD)

All Professions Day (APD)

Hosted by the Office of Interdisciplinary Programs

Focus:  Professions on campus

  • A first-year introduction to the different professions on campus.
  • Introduction to the IPEC Competencies
  • Opportunity to introduce series, strategic plan initiatives, nuances in communication styles, social determinants of health (SDOH), health disparities, lifestyle wellness

Unity in Health Symposium

Unity in Health Symposium

Student-led initiative hosted by HSC Student Affairs

Focus:  Other communities represented within the student body

  • Engages students in introductory-level conversations exploring the various communities represented in the student population
  • Compliments APD programming by expanding on the roles of different communities in team composition, respect for others
  • May include supplementary student-led conversation groups following the event

Community Informed Simulations

Community Informed Simulations

Coursework hosted by the Interprofessional Educators and Practitioners Association.

Focus: Community as team-member

  • Hands-on team-delivery of care simulation with a community member/agency included as team member for both curricular development and delivery
  • Method: Self-Advocate/Family-Advocate as Medical Educator (SAME/FAME) model for content creation and implementation
  • Various simulations may be offered, each focused on a different community
  • Examples of communities for engagement:  developmental disabilities, 2SLGBTQ+, cultural/ethnic, socioeconomic, or specific health populations, mental health, lifestyle wellness
  • Include education in multiple delivery settings, including telehealth

Service Learning

Unity Service Learning

Opportunities will arise for academic-based teaming to occur directly related to Unity Clinic preparation. Such activities will likely occur outside the clinical environment and will be held in conjunction with community partners. 

Example: Team-Based participation in medicaid registration informational activities.

Additional Information Regarding Service Learning

"Service-learning" is a form of experiential education where learning occurs through a cycle of action and reflection as students...seek to achieve real objectives for the community and deeper understanding and skills for themselves. In the process, students link personal and social development with academic and cognitive development...experience enhances understanding; understanding leads to more effective action." (Eyler and Giles) https://www.ou.edu/communityengagement/students

Unity Clinic

Unity Clinic

Student-led initiative housed under the Office of Interdisciplinary Programs

Focus: Communities near/around OUHSC, throughout Oklahoma

  • Student-led, interprofessional clinic providing team-based care to the community
  • Student volunteers from 18 professions
  • Intent is to focus on patient-centered wellness initiatives
  • Current initiatives include:
    • Community health fairs in collaboration with the Health Sciences Explorer vehicle to tribal, rural, and underserved communities
    • Crossings Clinic Midtown
      • Primary care and women's health services
      • Free diabetes education classes in Spanish
    • Food pharmacy with Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma
    • Nutrition education initiatives with ONIE and Harold Hamm
    • Medicaid education in collaboration with OU Health

Unity Week Student-led Poster Hall

Unity Week Student-led Poster Hall

Annual presentation day hosted by the Office of Interdisciplinary Programs and the Interdisciplinary Student Council

Focus: Teaming with application to communities near/around OUHSC, throughout Oklahoma

  • Summative experience to conclude the threaded experience prior to graduation
  • Students have requested an opportunity to “Practice my voice”
  • Posters – productivity encouraged