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The below information may be of interest to OUHSC students building awareness regarding current events.  While no academic credit is awarded through the Office of Interdisciplinary Programs, information below is posted for students who self-select to participate. 

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The symposium is approved for 5 OUCHA education hours for College of Medicine students and co-curricular hours for College of Pharmacy students.

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Reproductive Health Symposium (RHS) Event Description

The second annual Reproductive Health Symposium will be a virtual conference planned for students of all healthcare disciplines at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (OUHSC) and across the United States. The conference is scheduled to take place entirely over Zoom on Saturday, November 13, 2021. This conference will be a joint effort between the Medical Students for Choice, Lumina (LGBTQ+ group), Student National Medical Association, Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Building Understanding of Maternity and Pregnancy registered student organizations at OUHSC and OU Tulsa’s Medical Students for Choice chapter. The conference is scheduled to start at 10 am and wrap up at 2:30 pm with a 30 minute lunch break from 12-12:30 pm.

The virtual conference will start out with a one-hour keynote speech discussing how bias affects reproductive health care and appropriate ways to navigate diverse patient needs . The keynote will be followed by three hour-long sessions, with three sessions running concurrently each hour. Conference attendees will have the option to choose which of these sessions they would like to attend. Sessions will be recorded with permission of the presenter(s) and distributed to conference attendees after the event so they may view sessions that they were unable to attend. Current sessions planned include ethics in reproductive health, adolescent reproductive health, birth control counseling, pelvic floor dysfunction, trans-feminine patient needs , sterilization, “What to Expect When Your Patient is Expecting” panel, a reproductive legislation panel, and a trans experience panel.

Thank you for your interest in helping us create a conference that is both meaningful and inclusive, creating a safe space for students to learn about disparities and sensitive topics in reproductive healthcare.


The Reproductive Health Symposium Planning Committee


MSFC: Founded by medical students in 1993 as a response to the almost complete deficit of abortion education in medical training, Medical Students for Choice is a 501c3 non-profit organization that has filled a unique niche in the abortion rights movement. MSFC works to ensure that medical students and trainees are educated about all aspects of reproductive health care, including abortion. MSFC has more than 220 chapters around the world. MSFC members work to broaden opportunities for all their fellow students to receive family planning education. MSFC supports any medical student or physician in training seeking abortion and family planning education. 


LUMINA: Lumina is OUHSC’s premiere LGBT activism and awareness organization. We are dedicated to supporting the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community and providing necessary educational, social, and volunteer opportunities on LGBTQ+ health for all students.

  • Twitter: ouhsclumina
  • Instagramm: ouhsclumina
  • Facebook: OUHSC Lumina


SNMA: SNMA (The Student National Medical Association) is a student-led organization that serves to support future and current students who identify as URM (Underrepresented Minority Medical Students). Our SNMA InterestGroup is committed to bridging the gap between patient and physician racial and ethnic representation, with the ultimate goal of improving patient outcomes. We are hoping to achieve this by employing methods of advocacy, applicant mentorship, applicant workshops, pipeline programs, and partnerships.


BUMP (Building Understanding of Maternity and Pregnancy) is a student-lead organization through the OUHSC. We provide evidence-based information to educate expectant mothers on how to have the healthiest pregnancy possible through community outreach and workshops. 

  • Facebook: bumpokc
  • Instagram: bumpokc 
  • Twitter: BUMPokc 


OUHSC’s Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB/Gyn) Interest Group functions to introduce medical students to the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology and its subspecialties through relevant education, research opportunities, community outreach, and clinical experiences. We are additionally driven to engage in a range of service activities, from breast cancer walks to menstrual product drives.

  • Instagram: ouhsc_obgyn_ig
  • Twitter: @ouhsc_obgyn_ig