2023 Summer Trauma Simulation

On Friday, July 14, the IPE team alongside the PA program and the CSETC hosted an interdisciplinary trauma simulation that allowed participants to get a first-hand glimpse into the spectrum of care for patients. The simulation consisted of four scenarios with the same patient:

1. ER scenario with a cadaver

2. Visiting the patient in the ICU unit

3. Practicing discharge and patient education with the patient

4. Community health care with the patient’s caregiver


All participants participated in each simulation scenario to understand the continuity of care, and how various professions are involved at different stages in the health care process.

The simulation success demonstrated the powerful impact of collaboration on patient-centered care. Bringing together learning health professionals from multiple disciplines including PA, public health, nursing, social work and biostatistics, the simulation allowed participants to comprehensively address trauma cases in a realistic setting. By leveraging diverse perspectives, innovative treatment strategies were devised, with the aim of fostering improved communication and teamwork among disciplines and patients. The simulation's success showcased the potential of interdisciplinary approaches in healthcare.

If you would like to participate in the next experience of the trauma simulation, please contact Kylie Pethoud (kylie-pethoud@ouhsc.edu) for more information.