SAME/FAME Simulation

Event date: 12/3/2021 Export event

SAME/FAME Simulation

Self-Advocate as Medical Educator / Family-Advocate as Medical Educator (SAME/FAME) 


Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and their caregivers and families, require unique communication techniques that are patient-centered.  This innovative team-based simulation allows learners to be taught directly by individuals (self-advocates) or family members (family-advocates) in a safe environment regarding proper team-based communication.

Proposed Goal: The goal of this project is to engage community members with intellectual and developmental disabilities as active team members in course design, content delivery, and active reflection to prepare health professions students to be collaborative and patient-centered when delivering team-based care to the community.


Intended Project Outcomes:

1. Increase in the number of health professions learners receiving content related to clients/patients with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

2. Prepare learners to engage with clients/patients with intellectual or developmental disabilities.