Social Determinants of Health: Health Literacy Simulation

Event date: 3/3/2023 Export event

Spring 2023

This project is aimed at reducing readmission rates for patients with Sepsis as well as teaching students how to effectively address the social determinants of health in a health literate way. Many times, the care that we give the patient is above their level of understanding – through this simulation and hospital experience working with Sepsis patients, it is our goal to cultivate effective healthcare communicators!  

Students will have the opportunity to work in an interprofessional team consisting of nursing, medicine, social work, PT/OT, pharmacy, and nutrition. Through simulations and hospital experience, students will employ social determinants of health and health literacy screenings to help identify potential barriers in patient care. Upon identification, students will be trained to effectively communicate those barriers to ensure the patient understands how to overcome them upon discharge.

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