May Interdisciplinary Grand Rounds

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Dyslexia

May Interdisciplinary Grand Rounds Flyer

Please join us on May 5th for a special edition of IPE Grand Rounds – An Interdisciplinary Approach to Dyslexia (May 5th, 5:30 pm-7:30 pm via zoom).

In this interactive presentation, a panel of experts from 6 fields of health will dispel common misconceptions about dyslexia and guide us through a case example highlighting the collaborative process of identifying, diagnosing, and treating a child with dyslexia. You will hear from the fields of special education and developmental and behavioral pediatrics about the initial management and multi-faceted referral process. Experts in speech pathology, neuropsychology, pediatric ophthalmology, and social work will describe testing and health interventions that ultimately empower a child to overcome this disorder. Please join us in learning about this impactful topic in children's health.

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Meeting ID: 954 5893 9458

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