Our Services

Our Services

Team-Based Services

With a focus on patient-centered care, the Unity Clinic team collaborates with our community partners in designing a patient experience that is impactful for the patient and meaningful for our learners and clinicians. We focus on sustainability of programming which means we intend to design a clinical experience where the patient will have access to wrap-around services for ongoing wellness. This includes referral to community agencies and OU Health resources. 

In general, the Unity Clinic provides team-based health and wellness services. This includes a traditional primary care experience where a patient is seen for general wellness or management of chronic illness.  

Click here to see a sample overview of a primary care visit.

Additional services include:

  • Health Education
  • Health Assessments
  • Wellness Courses

Clinic Sites

The Unity Clinic is a team-based learning opportunity.  It is not a place or specific location. Instead, we partner with community agencies to provide team-based care at their location.  See our Patients page for more details.